Turkeys walk in circles around a dead cat

Turkeys walk around cat


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Dead cat ceremony?

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen – says the man filming the video.
Turkeys walking in a circle around a dead cat in the middle of the road.

WHAT? Bro, this is wild!

Seriously though, WTF? Is this some sort of turkey ceremony or ritual?

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Here is what some of the people on  youtube have to say:

It’s called a “Turkish Funeral”

And all I can think is “Poor cat.”

This is magical!

Why are they circling that cat to Rihanna – Needed Me? Couldn’t they’ve picked a better song?

All this time I’ve been hunting turkey’s the wrong way, I just needed a dead cat!

I saw turkeys playing in circles like this when I was a kid. The turkeys were running clockwise around a single turkey in the middle of the circle. Then they would stop and run counterclockwise. Just like children playing “ring around the Rosie.” This is some unique turkey behavior. Nothing creepy about it.

That is their religion

The real illuminati right here yo!

Dude, this is some creepy shttt

Those turkeys are lucky Thanksgiving is still far away

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