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A visitor who was said to be taunting the tiger got attacked and killed by one of the tigers.

They tried to rescue the man and killed the tiger during the operation

A man who visited a zoo in China’s Zhejiang region (east of the country) died after being attacked by a tiger. According to witnesses the man tried to provoke the wild cat.

The incident occurred at 14:00 local time in China at Youngor Zoo in Ningbo City, when according to witnesses, the tourist was attacked after facing the animal by the latter and dragged to a place with trees.

First, the caretakers tried to drive the cat away with firecrackers, until police intervened, ordered the park to be closed and attempted to rescue the man for over an hour. Finally, the police killed the tiger during the operation.

Tiger kills tourist man in China zoo

According to local newspaper South China Morning Post, a witness detailed that the man was attacked by the tiger on several occasions each trying to get up.

No details were given of how the victim had been admitted to the tigers’ compound, but Xinhua said the security cameras were already being reviewed to determine the cause of the accident.

This was the second time a tiger kills a person in a zoo in China less than a year, after in July 2016 in a zoo on the outskirts of Beijing, a 57-year-old woman died trying to save her Daughter of an attack of one of these feline.

The woman, about 30 years old, left at the car’s own will in an area where animals could pass freely and was severely criticized.

There are also those who have complained that the security measures in some zoos in China are insufficient.

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